Barding and Larding – Another Reason for Eating Bacon

Barding is a process of covering meals with pieces of bread to keep it wet while it chefs, and gives it additional flavor. This is often done with chicken to keep it from dehydrating. As it chefs, the fat definitely like into the various foods. This bastes the various foods instead of having to do it by hand. It also keeps various foods from burning, but the bread can be taken off toward the end of cooking so the various foods can brownish. Some people also like to cover some fruits and vegetables with bread before cooking them to add additional flavor.

Larding is another way of including flavor to foods. Instead of covering with bread, the fat is filled into various foods with a empty hook made for this reason. The larding hook is filled with fat, and when it is taken out of the various foods, the bread fat is left inside, including wetness and a delicious flavor.

Lardons is the France term for cutting bread into short, filter items. They could be called a larger edition of bread pieces. Initially their intention was to add further bread flavor and wetness to trim items of various foods by placing the items right into the various foods before it was prepared. As it prepared, the bread oozed out into the various foods to give it additional flavor. But it was soon discovered that these items could add a delicious flavor when added to many meals.

To prepare them that way, piece cold bread into items about 1 / 4 inch wide and put into a pan over method high temperature with just a little extra virgin olive oil. Mix sometimes until the lardons are sharp. The best way to eliminate them from the pan is with a placed scoop so the fat will drop into the pan. The fat has a delicious bread flavor, and can be used like any other fat in dishes.

One word of caution: don’t prepare them with other ingredients, such as red onion. Because of wetness content the lardons won’t get crunchy and develop their special bread flavor. Also if they are prepared with meals that have a strong flavor, it can engulf the flavour of the bread.

These delicious items are used in many different ways. They go well with egg, and many chefs add them to quiches and other egg dishes. They are also used to flavor sauces, top cooked apples, and add a delicious flavor to soups.