5 Good Camera for Food Photography

There are plenty of cameras around us. But if you’re emnekuni food photography maybe you need a recommendation kamera is right.

Here are some suitable camera used to photograph food with varying prices.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6
For the price of cheap camera for food photography, this camera type is the right one selected. This camera has 18-55mm zoom lens with 32GB SD card and a number of important features.
If you are a beginner in the field of food photography, this camera is worth having. The price is quite affordable with good ability to memotrot food and drinks.

2. Canon 80D
If you have a bigger budget, there is no harm to choose the Canon 80D. This camera has a better ability than the previous camera type.
This camera has 45 focus points that can help you when you want to take pictures of food. ISO is also high.

3. Canon 5D Mark III
For professional food photographer, usually often use this camera. This camera has 61 focal points and ISonya can reach 25600 with the file size reaches 22mp. Obviously with these measures, food and drinks can be photographed very well.
It’s quite a price. But if you seriously want to pursue the field of food photography, then this camera must be owned.

4. CANON Powershot G7X Mark II
This camera has a cheap price. Very suitable for beginner photographer. Indeed a number of features and capabilities are limited. But for basic photography needs, this camera is enough to meet. This camera uses a 20.1 MP CMOS sensor so as to capture food and beverages with crystal clear.

5. CANON PowerShot G9X
Cheap camera can be your initial equipment that started the profession as a food photographer. Although the price is cheap, but this camera has a pretty impressive ability.
With a resolution of 20.2 MP and equipped with 3 times optical zoom makes it able to shoot food with the desired zoom level. As a result, the food can be photographed very well.

The fun is also this camera is equipped with Wifi so for example you have a social media account like Facebook or Instgaram, you can directly upload photos you just generate to your social media account. That would be more practical.

The list of the right camera for food photography was sourced from the site jual kamera. You can try visiting the site to see directly the list of available cameras. You can also find discounts provided so you can buy them at a cheaper price.